Incorporation process


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Before proceeding you will need to prepare the following.

For individual director and/or shareholders.

  • Copy Hong Kong ID card or Passport or Chinese ID
  • Address proof (e.g. original paper printed electricity/water/gas/phone bill or bank statement, issued within the last 3 months)

For corporate director and/or shareholders.

  • Business Licence
  • Articles of Association

Company name :

Do not mention Ltd or Limited, the system will add it automatically.

You are recommended to verify the availability of your preferred company name by clicking the link to the Company Registry website. Choose the "Unregistered user", then, go down the following page and click "Accept and log in". Scroll down "search" menu and choose "Company name". Enter your chosen name into "Company name" and click "enter".

Nature of business :

Business definition would be shown on the Business Registration License.
It should not consist of more than 60 characters (including space between words).

Registered office :