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LCCS (Low Cost Corporate Services provider) is the first and only low cost operator supporting company formation and providing company secretarial services, as well as accounting solutions, for Hong Kong limited companies fully online.

LCCS allows you to easily and quickly incorporate a company in Hong Kong and maintain its accounts and its statutory records properly, following the Hong Kong laws and regulations. LCCS also provides company virtual hosting (registered address) and company secretarial services as required by the Companies Ordinance.

With LCCS, you do not need to install any software and to back-up your data because LCCS is cloud based. All your data is automatically and safely backed up. And being cloud based, LCCS solutions are also available anytime, and anywhere.

Efficient, accessible, complete, LCCS is a low cost but quality service provider focusing on value added services, providing a lot of free information and answering any question or request within 24 hours (except weekends and public holidays).

Enjoy LCCS, a combination of DIY (Do It Yourself) and professional expertise to make you save your money on handling data while we back you up and save your time on checking, submitting and updating records.

A revolutionary way to make company formation and maintenance as simple and cheap as it always should be!